A Tomato Warning: This is only a test

The radio was on yesterday. I was hearing only bits and pieces, but I did catch the horrible beep beep sound of the emergency broadcast system doing a test. Moments later, Norah came racing into the room excitedly shouting,

“A tomato is coming! A tomato is coming!”

Thankfully, I had a point of reference, so I played along.

Me – “A tomato is coming?!?”

Norah – “Yes!”

Me – “What kind of a tomato?”

Norah – “A bad one!”

Me – “Okay, thanks for warning me!”

Later, at lunch Mr. H (I had told him about it) quizzed her on it.

Mr. H – “Norah, I heard something is coming. What is it?”

Norah – “Yes! A bad tomato!”

Mr. H – “You mean a tomato like this?” Points to diced tomatoes in bowl.

Norah – “No, a different kind. And we supposed to take cover and stay down, because there’s gonna be hail too!” (hail didn’t come out as cleanly as it should have, sounding more like a southern evangelist speaking about the eternal fiery place)

We followed up with a quick education on the emergency broadcast system.

Another good reminder of how kids are listening, even when we don’t realize.


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