Playing with Squirrel Food

Norah, Garrett and I went to a nearby park a couple of nights ago – we all needed some fun and fresh air. Plus, Norah has been begging me to take them, as we have found a new source of entertainment…


Then we spied a squirrel who was none too pleased that we were playing with his food…

Unhappy Squirrel

Unhappy Squirrel

Naturally, the children chased it, and up the tree it went. Garrett generously offered the squirrel a walnut…

You can have mine!

I am the next to be chased…and no, I did not run up a tree!

Incoming walnuts!

We pretend to be squirrels gathering food for winter.

A prepared little squirrel

Lots of exploring…

How many sticks can we put down here before Mom stops us?

Lots of fun.

We love walnuts!


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