Invasion of the Stink Bugs

We are being invaded by stink bugs. Nasty, ugly, hard-shelled, little creatures.

But Norah doesn’t share my view.

They are friends to her. She bestowed the name Aidie on this friend.

Having long-term plans for Aidie, she ran into the house and was out again in a flash carrying a plastic bowl to house her new pet.

(Note to self – maybe we really need to buy her a pet.)

Unfortunately, the stinkbug escaped it’s plastic dwelling, and Garrett’s brutish boy nature kicked in. He was determined either to kill it by stomping on it with his shoe or crushing it with his pudgy fingers. While Garrett threatened the poor, hideous bug, Norah kept yelling,

“No, Gegot! No, Gegot! Don’t kill my friend!”

I intervened, and the bug survived to live another day, although I am sure it flew away from the whole ordeal a bit traumatized. Hopefully it will warn it’s fellow stink bugs to steer clear of this patio.


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