Where have these last four years gone?

Our little girl turned four on Wednesday.

It’s hard to believe how quickly she is growing up. I’m not really liking it so much. These last four years have been filled with a lot of changes and heartache, but, thankfully, an abundance of joy. Norah fills our lives with so much joy.

Here’s a quick look at the last four years.

Norah Shiloh – all 9 lbs. 2 oz. of her. After pouring over mountains of baby name books, Mr. H and I both agreed on the name Norah. Later we found out it is a family name, on my mother’s side.  Mr. H picked the name Shiloh – means “His gift.” She certainly is a gift from God.

Norah’s 1st Birthday

Norah’s 2nd birthday – it was a real thriller!

Norah’s 3rd birthday – never again will I make a Candyland cake!

The Princess is 4!

On Wednesday, Norah and I made cupcakes to take to her Awana Cubbies Bible class at church.

On Thursday night, we had her birthday party. Wawa B (we have no clue why, but when Norah first started talking, she called her grammas “Wawa”), GG (great-gramma), Papa and Wawa H, and Norah’s aunts Lydia, Marjorie and Emily came over to celebrate. My mom had bought Norah the Cinderella dress about a month ago – a must wear for the party.

Happy Birthday, Norah! We love you!


2 thoughts on “Where have these last four years gone?

  1. Thanks! Norah wanted a “princess pony cake,” – where it’s shaped like one – but I knew that was way above my skill level. So, buy a princess pony, but it on top, viola – a “princess pony cake!” And the idea was to have lavender frosting, but when I made it, I kept on adding food coloring, and it turned out so dark that it looked like chocolate frosting…only with the disappointment that it didn’t taste like chocolate. 🙂 But buttercream frosting seems to slip down, despite the color.

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