Pumpkins and Ghosts

I have the rare privilege to live within a 20 minute to, at most, 50 minute distance from my 5 siblings and their families, and my mom, gramma. Unfortunately though, as life seems to be always so busy, we really only all get together for major holidays. And that’s a shame since we love getting together. So to fix that, we plan on gathering on a monthly basis for a family meal and time of fun at mom’s. We started last month with a potluck. This month carried a fall/halloween theme. Monday night was the night. Some wore costumes or crazy clashing ensembles. Hot dogs were roasted over a bonfire. The kids brought pumpkins to carve. We played some games. The little ones watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The dads hid pumpkins outside – each pumpkin labeled on the underside with their child’s name. When it was dark, each child, with flashlight in hand, hunted for their pumpkin. And my brother brought a big brown paper grocery bag FULL of candy. Good times.

Desserts were brought with a fall/halloween theme in mind. Norah and I made rice krispie treat pumpkins and ghosts. Having no creative ideas of my own, I relied on Pinterest for one. I found the pumpkin idea here, and the ghost idea here. I put my own little spin on both of them. I used my mom’s rice krispie treat recipe – a great ratio of rice krispies to butter and marshmallow.

For the pumpkins, I added 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 tsp cloves to the rice krispie mixture. It made them a bit more pumpkin-y tasting. No real pumpkin in them, just the spices – I was relying on the psychological affect that eating an orange pumpkin shaped object made out of crisped rice, marshmallows and butter with the appropriate spices would trick the eater’s mind into believing it tasted like pumpkin. 🙂

For the ghosts, instead of cutting them out with a cookie cutter as recommended, I just formed them into ghost-like shapes. For both batches, I dumped the hot rice krispie mixture onto a sheet of waxed paper, let it cool just a bit, and then with buttered hands, formed handfuls into the desired shapes.

Garrett, the western man whose mustache had been rubbed off by this point in the evening, enjoyed a ghost or two, and some of Aunt Kristen’s yummy halloween-decorated chocolate cupcakes. Every time I looked over at his tray, he had another dessert put there by a distracted cousin.

This cowboy lived it up.


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