Votes, free phones and fries, oh my!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to vote today.

So. Excited.

I have had enough of these last four years.

When the kids got up this morning, I got them settled with breakfast then went back to the bedroom and jumped on the bed, attacking Mr. H., hoping that would encourage him to get up and get his voting game-face on.

He was not as enthusiastic as I was this morning. He’s excited about this election, but maybe not as early as I am!

I planned on taking Norah in with me when I voted so she could be part of the process, but I was a little worried what she might say considering that she and I listen to a little too much Glenn Beck and Rush! So last night when I tucked her into bed, I told her that she could come in and help me vote.

“Yes!!!” she exclaimed. “We gonna vote for Mitt Romney. Not Obama. I hope that lady not there. That lady that say, ‘Obama he give me a phone.'” Here’s the video of what she was referring to. She even mimicked the lady’s strident voice. That Norah makes me proud!

I’m optimistic, but I am praying. Yesterday I was getting something out of the pantry (no, it wasn’t the kids’ halloween candy, although I must say, that candy is on my mind a lot, especially those little candy bars!), and Garrett spotted the bag of animal crackers. So I reached into the bag without looking and randomly pulled one out. As I gave it to him, I noticed it was a donkey shaped cracker. “Oh, what a bad sign,” I thought. But then, as Garrett started crunching away, I saw it all very differently.

“Yep. We’re gonna eat those democrats for lunch on election day!”

My poor children have a crazy mom.

Norah helped me cast my ballot – she did a great job. After voting, Mr. H took us to McDonald’s for a special treat.

Tonight we will be going to Wawa B and GG’s house to watch The Blaze for election result coverage.

Hopefully, we will be celebrating a win for the country.



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