Bangles and Bells

It’s that time of year around our home when autumn leaves turn into pine garlands.

autumn mantle

tree 11

Throughout this past year, Norah faithfully has been watching the Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree DVD. (Why do children like to watch Christmas shows in July?) So she was prepared this past week when it was time to decorate for Christmas. She was very concerned about our bangles and bells. She had learned this from Papa Bear. He was greatly concerned with their bangles and bells, and finding that perfect Christmas tree on which to hang them. Ignoring Mama Bear’s advice to purchase a tree from Grizzly Gus, Papa and and the cubs set off to find the perfect tree that would meet his very specific requirements. No surprise that numerous disasters ensue, and Papa and the cubs return, having survived their harrowing quest, only to find Grizzly Gus’s tree lot empty. All ends well though as they are met with a spectacular glow – it is their home. The creatures they had encountered on their journey have kindly decorated the Bear’s family home, since it is a, wait for it…wait for it….a tree. The bangles and bells have been hung, lessons have been learned and all ends happily.

Several years ago, the Papa Bear in our home won the real vs. artificial tree debate. We have an artificial tree. Or a fake tree as I like to call it…for that is what it is. I understand Mr. H’s reasons as they are wise and practical, but I do miss the hunt for a Christmas tree. I have such fond memories of going with my dad. It was always so exciting to walk up and down the rows of pine, looking for just the right tree – a straight trunk, no bare spots, a good top branch, and tall enough to almost reach the ceiling when we put it up at home. One year was quite memorable as my sister Kristen and I went by ourselves (cannot remember why now), armed with only a small hand saw, with about the sharpness and effectiveness of a comb. That was a good time. Lots of sawing, lots of laughing. But that smell of fresh pine was so worth it. I miss the smell of a real tree, but I burn an evergreen scented candle for that. Not the same, but it’s a try.

Last year, we only assembled the top half of the tree on top of a table as Garrett’s pulling-the-tree-down capabilities were at an all time high, but this year, she all went up, in all her fake glory. I let Norah put all of our bangles and bells on by herself. So, it is decorated in highly concentrated sections, on the bottom third. It’s still beautiful and extra beautiful to a certain four year old.

Norah wanted me to take a picture of her two favorite ornaments!

tree 9tree 10

We also bought Norah a little pink tree of her very own to put in her bedroom. We picked out glittery ornaments – cupcakes, rings, tiaras, etc. She is highly pleased with her pink, girly, glittery, sparkly tree. But if I look at it too long, it makes me want to gag a little. But she loves it. And that’s all that matters.

DSC06943Norah's tree

DSC06941The pink tree


One thought on “Bangles and Bells

  1. Our girls would adore a “girly” tree like that…so I might have to refrain from showing them these pictures, heehee! I also remember the first Christmas tree your dad put up the first Christmas in your “new” house that year – it was absolutely gorgeous and huge! I just remember my jaw dropping when I saw it.

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