First Snow

Yesterday, the children tasted the first few snowflakes of the season.

121012 442

121012 444 121012 445 121012 446 We were disappointed though that the snowflakes didn’t stay.

However, this morning – there was snow! Only a very little, but enough to be very exciting.

121012 447121012 448121012 449121012 450

After breakfast, playing in the snow was first on the agenda.

Hardly enough snow for a snow angel, but Norah was determined.

121012 451

121012 452

Garrett felt sure the excursion would require snacks.

121012 453 121012 455 121012 456

Poor Garrett. We forgot his new mittens at my mom’s.

121012 457 121012 458 121012 460 121012 461 121012 462 121012 464 121012 465 121012 466

Mr. H and Norah went out later in the day, and to Norah’s great consternation, most of the snow had melted.

She was very concerned that winter was over. Mr. H reassured her that it was far from over.

121012 468


3 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. Two years ago we had snow on Christmas – it was Greenville’s first white Christmas in over 30 years! Last year we didn’t have any snow all season, and I missed it. Glad you all are enjoying it!

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