Christmas Recap

Thought I would quickly recap our Christmas holiday.


In began on Saturday when we went to Mr. H’s family. They were sweet to have Christmas on Saturday to accommodate work schedules. John and Erica had arrived the night before. Thomas was home from college. Darcey, Jason and their children Chloe and Liam pulled in late afternoon. And of course, Robert & Amanda, Lydia, Marjorie and Emily were there. We were just missing Alisha and Susannah and their families. They were greatly missed. We had a wonderful supper together – my mother-in-law is an amazing cook. In the evening, we opened presents, much to Norah’s great relief. She was the official gift courier.


Some of the gifts were pretty far back!

Mr. H’s parents were kind and generous. Norah especially liked her new little desserts tower. So much that it went to bed with her.


Sunday morning we went to church. The children wore their Christmas finest.


After church, we came home and ate the pork roast that had been roasting in the oven. This beautiful hunk of meat came from half of a pig my sister Laurie and her husband John raised for us on their farm. Actually, they raised the whole pig – just half was ours!

DSC07500 DSC07509

Mr. H’s petite portion.



Sunday night, after the children were in bed, I wrapped presents while Mr. H assembled Norah’s dollhouse. We watched It’s a Wonderful Life. We hadn’t seen it in years – it’s my favorite Christmas movie. Mr. H recited 90% of the script – I laughed a lot. I have video of it, but I’m afraid Mr. H wouldn’t want that shared!

Monday morning, Mr. H and Norah frosted sugar cookies. This was the dessert Mr. H had requested. No crushed candy canes. No sprinkles. Norah had a hard time understanding that.


DSC07533 DSC07529

Unfortunately, Mr. H had to work. I was disappointed, but that’s just the way it goes. So after he left for work, the children and I went to my mom’s. My family always gathers Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful time. Many years ago, my dad started a tradition of having the grandchildren reenact the Christmas story. Now there are 25 grandchildren, and especially the younger ones love this tradition. My niece Jody was put in charge of it this year. Norah was cast as an angel. She was very excited.


After our meal (which was delicious!), we gathered in the basement for the play and for presents. As the numbers have increased every year (now over 40 of us) the way we exchange gifts has changed multiple times. For the last several years, we have had a Yankee swap. It turns out to be a lot of fun. Especially when one of the men opens a girl-themed gift. Norah swapped for this gift. It couldn’t have been more perfect for her.


Tuesday, Christmas Day, was a happy one. Norah was very pleased with her dollhouse.


And Garrett enjoyed opening all of the little Matchbox cars.


Mr. H worked Christmas day too, but he was able to come home for supper. After supper, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.


Just a regular day today. Enjoyed some salad. Oh, how I love salad. And, oh, how I need to be eating it after this weekend of holiday food. Although, there were a couple of items on it that didn’t quite make the healthy list. But they made the yummy list.


Today it snowed. We were happy for that. So pretty outside. During Garrett’s nap, Norah headed outside to enjoy the snow. She played for awhile, then wanted a snow shovel, but then decided shoveling was a bit too hard for a little girl.

DSC07611 DSC07604 DSC07608 DSC07607 DSC07605

Hope your Christmas was a happy one.


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