A New Year and a Two Year Old Boy

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had fun welcoming in 2013.

New Year’s Day is special around our house. Our baby is turning 2 today.


He is growing up so quickly. While giving the kids a bath last night, I recounted Garrett’s birth story. Norah was very interested – Garrett was oblivious.

When Norah was born, I was induced a week after her due date. It was long and painful. Not wanting a repeat of that, I had found a sympathetic doctor in the group practice who was willing to work with me a bit. When New Year’s Eve came, I wasn’t worried yet, since my due date was still a couple of days off, and I figured I had longer than that. However, I was worried about my Christmas decorations. I am not one to let them linger after Christmas. If it were my way, I would take them down after the last present was opened, but Norah likes them up a bit longer. So the nesting instinct kicked in, and I worked on packing everything away. With that task accomplished, I was more aware of the back pain that had plagued me for the last couple of weeks. So I decided I would scrub all of the tile floors on my hands and knees, thinking this would alleviate some of the back pain. I was right, but we have a lot of tile. A lot. But I worked on it throughout the day, taking breaks in between rooms. After Mr. H got home from work that night, we watched the ball drop on TV. Then off to bed at 1am only to be awakened at 4am with contractions. Strong ones. When I couldn’t talk through them anymore, we were off to the hospital at about 8am. When we arrived, a nurse met with me, and I was relieved to find out I was well on my way. I was quick to ask for an epidural. I love epidurals! The nurses occupied Norah until my mom and one of my sisters arrived. My mom was able to be with me during most of my labor – a special memory.

Garrett Russell arrived on 1-1-11 at 2:37pm. (I was a little bummed I didn’t pull off a 1:11pm birth time! – that would have been a little much though!)  It was an “easy” labor and delivery, compared to the 23 hours of labor with Norah.

He was a hefty 9lbs 15 oz. Garrett’s name is extra special to me because he is named after my two favorite men – “Garrett” is Mr. H’s middle name and “Russell” was my dad’s first name. How I wish my dad could have seen him. He would have been very proud of Garrett.



We are so thankful for our boy. He has been such an easy little guy so far. Praying that continues!

For his first birthday, we went to my mom’s to celebrate. Papa and Wawa H and Mr. H’s siblings came over for cupcakes and ice cream.

This was Garrett’s first time to be given a whole hunk of dessert. He didn’t come up for air until half of the cupcake was gone.



For this birthday, we just repeated last year. This past Sunday was the best for everyone’s schedules, so after church and lunch, we celebrated year number two. He was a little more restrained.

After Mr. H’s family headed back home, Norah and Mr. H trudged up the hill behind my mom’s house to cousin Toby’s for a little snow time. It is really wonderful that my mom, in-laws, and a sister all live in what I call “a triangle pattern out in a big field in the country.” Talk about convenience!

We stayed for supper at my mom’s. She made us a delicious chicken dinner. I love my mom’s cooking. Her food’s the best.

Happy Birthday, Garrett! We love you.


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