Exercise: It’s Trending This Month

So I started exercising. Thought I would join my fellow Americans as they exercise this month. Most of us will last the month. Then come February, we’ll call it quits on our good intentions. That’s what I think I will probably do.

Actually, that’s my plan.

They say it’s good to have a plan.

I would love to finish February and still be exercising, but I think I stand a better chance of eating my body weight in sugar by the end of February.

Speaking of sugar, that was something I was thinking of cutting back on. It’s really not a New Year’s Resolution thing, since I’m not really into that. I’m honest with myself – I know it’s not going to last. The whole less sugar thought and some exercising really has more to do with the fact that now with the holidays behind me, there is a shortage of all the sumptuous dishes and desserts that I had been dining on, so there might be a small weight-loss chance. I’m not one to resist sumptuous.

So anyway, the less sugar idea – well, let’s just say it didn’t start off like I’d hope it would have.

My January 1st breakfast rolled in with a big bowl of Lucky Charms, heavy on the charms. Oh, well.

And I honestly don’t know how the exercise thing is going to go. I tend to like quick results.

skinny yet

In the past, I’ve usually lasted a week or two, and if I haven’t seen any major results, like the loss of 10lbs.,  then I figure this exercise thing just isn’t working for me.

I have kind of a short attention span.

Okay, I’m a quitter.

But since I’m not planning on eating less, I’m hoping that a little exercise might boost the old metabolism.

Speaking of eating.

I really love it.

I really really love food.

So much so, that one day, I told Mr. H that if I could have any super-power, it would be that I would be able eat anything, and as much as I wanted, and I would never gain weight and have a super-model body. He was quick to point out that, although he wouldn’t be opposed to the super-model body aspect, my choice seemed a bit self-serving as people usually choose a super-power that helps others. Hmmmm…okay, so I obviously had not settled on that, I was just,


throwing out ideas.

Of course, I ultimately would choose something fantastically humanitarian-ish.

But I digress…

So this morning, I threw on what I could quickly find, which was a pair of bright red shorts and a dark purple t-shirt. Then I found Norah and Garrett in the living room looking at books, and told them that we were going to the basement where the treadmill lives so I could run, jog, walk. Norah looked at my ensemble, and with the sound of awe in her little voice said, “Oh, mommy, you look fantastic!” Now that she dresses herself in the mornings, she often chooses her ruffly red skirt and a hot pink shirt. She probably thought her color combinations were finally gaining fashion ground in this house. No wonder her excitement. That excitement was so intense, she actually wanted to take a picture of me. So I let her.



You thought I would post it. Not a chance. But I did take her picture.


Why she grabbed and posed with a plastic play food can of tuna, I’m not certain. I guess she felt she needed a prop.

They were very excited to go downstairs because we keep their wheeled riding toys in our unfinished basement – the cement floor is perfect for speeding around on bikes, scooters, tricycles, etc. This is somewhat new for Garrett. For the last couple of months now that he is old enough to safely run around, I have been taking them down in the basement to release some of their energy, while I sit on my lazy behind and read.

Last week was the first time he saw me on the treadmill. He slowly rolled past on his little bike, smiling, with a look that said, “I always knew you were crazy, Mom. You look ridiculous.”

He has grown accustomed to the spectacle now.

For this exercise plan, the treadmill seems to be my best bet, since when I tried to do floor exercises, the children immediately ran from other rooms, and began to use me as their own personal horse, trampoline and climbing wall.

I do have a slight problem with exercising though – it makes me SO HUNGRY!

I am not alone in this feeling. While reading to the children one day, I found that Winnie the Pooh also experiences this exercise induced hunger.

Now when Pooh heard his Pooh Coo Clock (yeah, that never comes out smoothly), he knew it was time for something. “Think, think, think. Oh, yes. Time for my stoutness exercise.” Pooh stood in front of his mirror (I never make this mistake) to touch his toes. “Up, down and touch the ground. Up, down and touch the ground…” But instead of making him thin, the exercise made Pooh hungry.

Then there’s always the food freedom I feel after exercising. “Oh, sure, I’ll take that slice of triple layer chocolate cake. I exercised today – walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill. And ice cream? Why, yes, thank you. Just plop that scoop of ice cream next to the wedge of cake!”

muffin top

So we will see how long my relationship with exercise lasts.

And by the way, if you know me personally, please don’t feel like you need to ask me how I’m doing with my exercise.

I’m not looking for accountability.


5 thoughts on “Exercise: It’s Trending This Month

  1. Bahahahaaaaa! I do need to see the exercise outfit pic, JUST to prove that you actually did. I am sure you looked amazing. (in a good way, of course.) Cuz see, the whole reason I quit jogging this past year was because I was afraid people driving along the road would see me…and maybe recognize me. (or maybe they wouldn’t, now that I think about it.) I know. Completely lame excuse. Most of my exercise only involves my brain, as I imagine myself jogging effortlessly along the road, looking great and inspiring others in their own personal battle of the bulge. Well, better go, since my bowl of ice cream is melting. 🙂

  2. Abby, i was laughing so hard!!! THis is so funny, because its TRUE!!! Especially the, “I jogged ofr 10 mionutres, am I skinny yet” part. lololol

  3. Abby I LOVEEEE reading this blog…it’s so REAL and downright hilarious! I too am “resolving” to exercise more this year…already I’m failing lol…btw I second that superhero wish:) I think it’s awesome!

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