Fishy, Fishy in the…Cheapo Aquarium

We are officially pet owners.

Meet John and Sally.


Norah named them. I have now idea how she settled on those two names. I asked her, and all she said was “because.” Hmmm… I wonder whom she learned that reason from?

For awhile now, I had been wanting to get the children something animal-ish, but just didn’t think anything would work out. Dogs and cats indoors are not an option as I am extremely allergic to both, especially cats. And there is not enough outdoor room for either. I did not want to take the reptile or small, furry rodent route, since those tend to escape captivity. And I wasn’t so sure about a bird. Fish were a viable option though – not allergic to them and if they escape, they’re dead. The only thing that was holding me back was the petting aspect. I knew the kids would immediately reach into a fish bowl to hold the fish and pet them.

So I had kind of given up on the pet thing until a girlfriend of mine asked me if we had thought about a pet for the kids. I gave her all the reasons why one wouldn’t work.

But that conversation got me thinking again. I really wanted to get the kids a pet, especially since all last summer and fall, Norah made every bug her pet. So fish were still our best bet – low cost, low maintenance – and Mr. H and I had kept a couple of fish in a giant glass bowl before we had kids. So I thought it would be fun again, plus the kids are always mesmerized by fish.

So the brain wheels started turning…

Solution – a small covered fish aquarium. Duh! That took me too long to figure that one out.

So yesterday, on Mr. H’s day off, after a visit to the library, we went to good old Wal-mart and told Norah our plan. She was pretty excited.

After picking the perfect pair, and spending a whopping total of $19. 43 for everything, we headed home to get John and Sally’s new home ready.

Maybe some day, we will have more land for a dog or cat, but John and Sally will be fine for now. Especially since they were only 28 cents a piece.

And by the way, quick as lighting, Garrett stuck his hand in the aquarium before Mr. H could get the cover on. Talk about prophecy.

What kind of pets do you have?


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