A Change of Plans

We had plans on Monday with out-of-state friends, but because of bad weather the plans were wisely canceled Sunday night. Thankfully, I had not told Norah where we were going or whom we were going with. Let me just say – I have learned not to give specifics till we are in the car on our way. But, I had told her that we were going to go someplace fun.

Sooooo…we had a problem. Mr. H and I had to think of some place fun to go.

Solution: The Grandparents!

Besides the usual fun of seeing them, we had the extra perk that a few of Norah and Garrett’s cousins were going to be at my mom’s. Norah absolutely loves her cousins.

So Monday morning, I woke up to Norah’s face right in mine.

Where are we going today, Mommy?!?!?!?

I had to delay my answer and distract her while we quickly made a few phone calls to make certain our plan would work. Thankfully we have very kind and schedule-flexible parents!

I told Norah – she was thrilled with the plans.

After packing snow gear and a few other necessities, Mr. H heroically navigated the treacherous, snow-covered roads.

The kids played outside for awhile. Then we all gobbled up a wonderful lunch that Wawa B made. After lunch, more play time, only inside this time

Late afternoon we said our goodbyes and headed over to Mr. H’s parents for a lovely supper and some time together. Norah’s aunts dressed her up in some finery. Lots of twirling ensued.

A wonderfully fun day with family.


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