Wax Paper Hearts

Looking for a Valentine’s Day craft? Here’s one Norah and I made together this past week. I remember melting crayon shavings between sheets of wax paper as a youngster, so I thought it was high time for Norah to make that memory. We probably all hold fond memories of making these when we were little. The hearts are easy and fun to make and look so pretty with sunlight illuminating them. Make them solo, or grab someone you love to help you.

What you will need:

    • crayons
    • wax paper
    • brown paper bags or kraft paper (something to protect your iron and ironing board)
    • iron
    • ironing board
    • heart-shaped cookie cutters or stencils
    • scissors

I had Norah sort through the crayon box and find shades of pink and red that she liked. To make the needed crayon shavings, we first used a cheese grater, but it proved ineffective, leaving copious amounts of smeared wax behind. So we switched to a pencil sharpener which worked just find. Norah enjoyed this step – it also took a lot of time! Fun time though.

Once we had enough crayon shavings, I cut up some brown sandwich bags up (these turned out to be a bit thin – paper grocery sacks would have been better, but I didn’t have any) to protect my ironing board. I laid those down and placed a sheet of wax paper (double the length I needed as I was going to fold it in half) on top of that. Then we sprinkled crayon shavings on one half of the wax paper. Not too much though, as the heat spreads out the crayon shavings. I folded the non-sprinkled side over, placed more brown bags on top to protect my iron, and slowly ironed it on medium heat with the steam off. We peeked at it a couple of times till all the shavings were melted. We let them cool. This is the part when I lost Norah for a bit. When she came back I was tracing hearts on the cooled sheets and cutting them out.

And, yes, just for the record, my perfectionism reared its ugly head, and I gave Norah some copy paper she could color, trace hearts on and cut out, while I worked on the wax paper hearts. I just wasn’t willing to surrender those beautifully transparent hearts, that I had obviously become too attached to, over to the scissor-wielding ability of a four-year-old.

Selfish, I know.

I must work on this character flaw.

So maybe next year, she can give that step in the process a try.


We ran out of time (Mr. H thought supper preparations trumped wax paper hearts!) so the next day we got to decorate with them. Norah enjoyed this part. I used a paper punch and pink thread to make a heart garland to hang over the mirror above our fireplace. Then Norah used her school glue stick to attach the hearts to some windows and the mirror in her bedroom. I’m hoping the hearts will come off easily and the glass cleans without too much effort. I’m sure clean-up will prove easier than the double-stick tape I had originally thought of! That would have been a nightmare.

I also covered some candle holders. I love how they look lit in the evening, and so far, the heat from the tea candle hasn’t caused the crayon wax to melt and drip.

So go ahead, make some memories and cover everything in wax paper hearts!


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