The Happy Painter…or rather, The Kind of Happy Painter

Can you identify this gentleman pictured below?

The Happy PainterIf you guessed The Happy Painter Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting that aired on PBS, then I’m guessing you used to watch him too.

The man was mesmerizing. With that incredible ‘fro and a voice so calm and quiet it made you lean toward the TV a bit. I always felt so relaxed after watching an episode. Pure magic. Unfortunately, none of his sweet painting skills ever transmitted though the TV to me. To this day, I am hard pressed to draw a recognizable stick figure – and that’s with a pencil.

It was several years ago when Mr. H and I discovered that we occasionally had both watched The Happy Painter while growing up. I have absolutely no idea how that came up in conversation.

Hey, honey, just by chance, did you ever watch The Happy Painter Bob Ross on PBS while you were growing up?

Probably not. But, however we discovered it, it was super-exciting for me. Mr. H’s excitement level was lower than mine. Like a lot. But I love when that happens – when we find out that we share a similar childhood experience. Like when we found out that we both loved to lie under trees and gaze up at the maze of branches. It was meant to be.

So here’s my Happy Painter.

happy painter 3

He wasn’t painting on canvas, and he wasn’t all that happy. Painting isn’t really his thing. Bless his heart.

When we bought our home, my wonderful brother Craig, who is a painter by vocation, came with his oldest son Dallas, and painted our whole house for us. Huge, huge help. Norah just reminded Uncle Craig a couple weeks ago that he painted her bedroom pink for her – her favorite color. That left a huge impression on her and earned Uncle Craig some big points! The giant bowls of candy he brings to family get-togethers help too. 🙂

When Craig painted, the entryway, hall bathroom, laundry room and Norah’s bedroom were the only rooms I had selected colors for other than a neutral. Everything else was painted either Urban Putty or Canvas Tan. This included our bathroom, as I couldn’t figure out what color I wanted.

Well, time passed and I had become a bit weary of the blah-ness of the bathroom. I also was tired of the nasty, broken clothes hamper and plastic drawer unit we had going on for medicine and general bathroom stuff. This concerned me most because of the safety factor for the kids. I also wanted to replace the vanity with one a bit more unique and update the faucets, but I didn’t want to sink a lot of money into the project. We hope to move out to the country eventually, but in the meantime, the bathroom definitely needed some attention. So these were my priorities – paint, new hamper, medicine cabinet and a few decorations.

My first thought was to just use the leftover paint from the laundry room, kind of a blue, green, silver color, but discovered that 1.) there wasn’t enough and 2) Mr. H wasn’t especially fond of the color. So I asked him for his input. He thought brown would be nice.

Wow! Wouldn’t that give the bathroom a colorful face-lift!

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it might work. Plus, I had been pondering an accent wall in the eat-in-kitchen – and brown tones would work great out there.

So here are the bathroom before  pictures (can’t get much more neutral than that, huh?)

And the after  pictures…

Okay, okay, so it’s still pretty neutral – nothing crazy, but an improvement nonetheless. The colors look better “live” as the lighting is tricky in here for photos. I would love to have Mr. H frame the mirror to match the trim, but that might be pushing the budget a bit!

We made the wall art – I will share more about that in a future post.

Mr. H made me this fantastic medicine cabinet – just what I had requested – no frills but with beadboard door insets.

The jars for the cotton swabs, cough drops and cotton balls are just candle jars. I found the candles on clearance at Wal-Mart. I wasn’t crazy about the scents, but it didn’t really matter, as I only wanted the jars.

The flowers wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it was really hard to find silk flowers that even remotely coordinated with the raspberry-colored flowers in the wall-art. I bought a cheap glass jar and did the faux mercury glass action on it. Tons of fun – maybe I’ll write a post about that too sometime.

And here is a before  picture of the eat-in-kitchen accent wall…

kitchen before 5

And the after….

kitchen after 10

Oh, what is that I hear you say?

It looks like they used the same two paint colors and chair rail idea for both the bathroom and the eat-in kitchen accent wall. They just reversed the colors.

Well, look at you – good observation! To the head of the class!

Yeah, yeah, you’re right. We did. Just figured it would save some money to get paint that would work for both painting projects, since they were both going to be brown tones. As for the chair rail, that was the easiest way to break up the two paint shades. I had wanted to have beadboard on the bottom, under the rail, but it was going to involve too much work with ripping off the baseboards and trying to make the corners match again, so maybe in the next house. I thought about doing some kind of nifty paint stenciling or stripes in the bathroom, but I was afraid it wouldn’t come out right, and I would really hate it. So I left well-enough alone.

So now that we have the whole brown tones and chair rail theme going, maybe we’ll just work our way, room by room until the whole house sports brown paint and chair rails!

Don’t worry, Norah would stop us.


2 thoughts on “The Happy Painter…or rather, The Kind of Happy Painter

    • Thanks! I’m still really happy with the colors. The paint is Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 latex interior – the darker color is Down Home 6081 and the lighter color is Sands of Time 6101. Hope this helps. Happy painting! 🙂

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