Three hoots for…

So the kids and I were eating supper the other night while listening to Ramona the Pest on audiobook. We like to do this sometimes. In this story, poor Ramona had to wear plain old hand-me-down brown rain boots from Howie on the first rainy day of kindergarten. Norah piped up that she had pretty brown rain boots and that she loved the owls on them. Garrett chimed in with his best owl imitation. He likes to have his share of the conversation.

rain h

Then Norah says to me –

You know, Mom, owls are nocturnal.

Just like that, clear as day.

Just to be sure, I asked her to repeat what she had said about owls.

They’re nocturnal.

Yep, I heard correctly.

So I followed up with a query for the definition of nocturnal.

Oh, that’s when they sleep during the day and stay up all night looking for food.

My heart swelled with pride and my chest puffed up a bit. Wow! I thought. All the copious reading we have done over the years, and talking about everything we see all day, wherever we are, must really be paying off. I am teaching her so much, even more than I realize. So I asked her where she learned that, waiting for confirmation of my grand maternal teaching skills.

I learned it from PBS kids.


Thanks, PBS kids.


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