Silly Rabbit, Trix Treats are for Cubbies!


This past Wednesday night, Norah had the honor of being Cubbie of the Week in her Awana Bible club. This highly coveted position is on a rotational basis and requires the honoree to lead any lines that are formed, along with other exciting pre-school leadership responsibilities. You also get to bring the snack!


So early last week in anticipation of this privilege, I had begun mulling over possibilities for the snack. I wanted Norah to be able to make it, as that would obviously make it even more exciting for her.


I was leaning toward Rice Krispie Treats, as she absolutely loves them. The last time I made them for her, I used strawberry marshmallows, but I thought we might be able to bump it up a couple more notches by using Trix cereal in the place of the Rice Krispies! I had thought about using strawberry marshmallows too, but there’s only so many artificial flavors a person can handle!


The kids have never had Trix, so I had to think of some way to explain to Norah what we would be looking for at the grocery. Aha! – Rainbow balls! Norah is over the rainbow about rainbows, so this was sooooo exciting to her. We used my mom’s yummy recipe for Rice Krispie Treats.

And this was a crazy coincidence – just a couple days after I had thought of having Norah make these Trix Treats, my sister-in-law Lydia sent me a Pin with… you guessed it – Trix Treats! She thought they looked like a “Norah” dessert. You were right, Lydia, Norah did love these!


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