Bowling, Go-Carts and All-You-Can-Eat

Today we’re just hanging around the house. No big plans, just relaxing. I read to the kids for awhile. Norah and I worked on a little school. Tonight will be Bible study and prayer meeting for Mr. H, Cubbies for Norah and nursery for Garrett and me.

Yesterday we took the kids bowling at a family entertainment center. That was a first time experience for them, and they loved it. Mr. H and I hadn’t been bowling for 4-5 years. Pretty obvious too from the scores. I only beat the kids by one point! One point! In my defense though, they did use the bumpers and some crazy contraption for rolling the ball. Maybe I should try that next time!

Mr. H and Norah couldn’t pass up the go-carts. Garrett and I watched them whip around the track, Norah’s hair blowing in the wind. Four rides later, and lots of bumping and crashing, Norah had tired of her dad’s competitive spirit. “It’s only go-carts” had apparently escaped Mr. H. They had a blast though. I love it when Mr. H gets that little boy grin.

Norah had never been to a buffet, so we went to the Golden Corral for supper. We let her pick out whatever she wanted to eat. This pleased her greatly. As did the cupcake. And we won’t even talk about the cotton candy. Let’s just say she lived it up. 🙂


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