Picnic Season is Open

Picnic Season has officially started around our home.


Our first picnic for the year was rather impromptu.


The kids and I ran errands this afternoon, and usually I only attempt one or maybe two stores when I have them by myself. Today I was either very brave or very foolish – we stopped at seven stores!


Obviously, it was a long afternoon. At the first couple of stores, Garrett was waving and saying hi  to everyone. By the last couple of stores, he wouldn’t even look at anyone.


Sam’s Club was the last stop and the last straw. They had actually done pretty well up to that point, but then a huge personal error became glaringly evident – I had brought only one sippy cup for two simultaneously thirsty and greedy children. All lessons on sharing where forgotten. It was pretty close, but we managed to leave with a shred of dignity.


It was supper time by then, and I was tempted to stop at the Golden Arches, but I thought – let’s have a picnic in the backyard instead!  That was logical as it was 42 degrees! 🙂 But sunny, mind you.


It was a pretty chilly picnic, but the kids really loved it. And it gave us a chance to enjoy the last bits of the beautifully sunny day.


Have you had a picnic yet?


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