Flowers of High Value

Today my little girl presented me with my first bouquet of flowers for this year.

DSC09368If last year is any indication, I again will enjoy little juice glasses full of dandelions, white clover and other various lawn flowers.

I’m soaking up these years – her innocence – where she stands before me, eyes brimming with expectancy and her sweet little hand grasping a humble cluster of flowers she picked for me. I let out exaggerated oohh’s  and aahh’s  because she doesn’t know the difference between a dozen long-stemmed roses or a fistful of bright yellow dandelions. All she knows is she loves me. And this is how she lets me know.

For me, these little flower offerings free from the lawn are better than a florist’s shop full of expensive blooms. Someday she will understand the worldly value of her little yard flowers and not give them a second-glance except to see them for what they really are. But until then, she and I will treasure each little bouquet of love.


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