Goodbye, John and Sally

We regret to inform you that John and Sally are no longer with us.


Actually, I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did.

Things didn’t look good Saturday night when John started swimming sideways and upside down. Poor guy looked like he was drunk. After googling his symptoms, I knew our time together was probably going to be short. Norah and I stared into the fish bowl and cheered him on – You can do it, John! You’ll be okay. Please don’t die, John. We love you. You can make it, buddy!

I don’t consider myself a huge animal lover, but I do have a really hard time seeing animals in pain. I also struggle with thinking inanimate objects have feelings. Thanks, Pixar.

But I digress…

Thinking maybe I should prepare Norah for the worst, I warned her that John might die. She teared up a bit, but then looked up and asked, Can we get another fish?

Well, she moved on quickly.

When Mr. H and I were shutting lights off before bed that night, I noticed that while John continued his inebriated-style swimming, Sally was looking less than stable herself. I felt really bad turning their light off and going to bed, but what can you do? CPR? Oh, look – there’s a line – CPR is on the other side of it.

Next morning, I cringed when I entered the kitchen and slowly approached the fish bowl. Sure enough, John and Sally lay on their sides at the bottom of the bowl. Mr. H privately took care of the formalities. I thought about conducting a brief fish funeral with the children, but then I thought better of it, since I didn’t want to encourage flushing miscellaneous items down the toilet.

Thank you, John and Sally, for spending your short lives with us. We loved you a lot.

Sorry if we fed you too much.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye, John and Sally

  1. Fish don’t last long around me either. You try your best to take care of them, but…… Leaves you feeling really guilty, eh?!

  2. I’m not trying to brag, but I have a beta at my office that I just. can’t. kill. When his water looks low, I dump in what’s left in my water bottle. I go days without remembering to feed him. And he just continues to swim around and live. Probably now that I’ve written this, he’ll die.

    • You’re too funny. Yeah, you had better start knocking on every wooden surface near you! I was thinking about a beta, but heard they were finicky – apparently I heard wrong.

  3. I’m sorry–but I laughed. :/ Hahaha! 😉 The death of your beloved fish is dreadful for sure..but…..your mention of Pixar was just too funny!

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