The Little Pigs Clean Their Home

Monday night, I shared with Norah the exciting news that Wawa B and GG were going to be coming over for a visit the next day. She was pretty pumped. As I was getting her tucked into bed a little later, I told her I had a job for her to do in the morning. I needed her to refill the bathroom cabinets with rolls of toilet paper. This is a little task I give her when I notice stocks need to be replenished. She agreed enthusiastically that she could do that. Then apparently in the spirit of company preparation she asked,

Can I rub the furniture (aka dust) tomorrow? We need to clean up this house so Wawa doesn’t think we’re pigs!

Hmmm…didn’t think it had gotten that bad around here. She really made me question my house-cleaning habits.

In my defense though, I have used this pig analogy in the past with her in reference to her bedroom. I guess it was her chance to turn the tables on me. And she knows I also do a little house-sprucing when company is coming.

So next morning, aided by her brother, Norah diligently filled both vanities with toilet paper rolls – all 120 of them.

Then she rubbed the furniture.


She also vacuumed.


Then I asked her to clean the sliding glass doors because she loves to use the spray bottle. When I checked up on her (a bottle of window cleaner and roll of paper towels later) to see how the glass doors where coming along she replied, Really shiny!


Now the pigs were ready for company.

We had a fun time together. Games where played.


Toenails were painted.


GG replaced the missing ties on the quilt she had made for Garrett when he was born. He loves to feel the little yarn ties as he’s going to sleep, so it was missing quite a few. Thanks, GG!


Then near the end of the visit, an exclusive Irish music dance concert was performed for our guests.

DSC09441 DSC09445

Thanks for visiting us, Wawa B and GG!


One thought on “The Little Pigs Clean Their Home

  1. Loved it – what a little woman you have. I will also have to pull this post out and show my girls to inspire them in their house-cleaning endeavors (which are pretty nil right now!) 🙂 Way to go, Norah! And I loved seeing your mom and GG. Please tell them I said hello! Love you, Abs.

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