Never Underestimate the Power of Magnets and Super Glue

Did you see the “make your own magnetic pin dish” craft on Pinterest? Well, those cute little owl dishes caught my eye. Perfect too since I had been on the watch for something to hold my pins when I’m sewing. You can check out the craft here.

I noticed that the craft had been posted fairly recently on clever Maggie’s Smashed Peas and Carrots blog, and she had mentioned the owl dishes were purchased at Michaels in the dollar bin. Hmmm…those darling owls could be mine too. So last week when Mr. H told me that he was headed to Lowe’s, I asked him if he could swing by go completely out of his way to Michaels to pick up the little owl dishes and magnets for me. He said he would – what a sweetheart! When he got home with exactly what I wanted, I asked him how it went, as he does not typically frequent craft stores.

He told me.

Let’s just say he was happy when he got to Lowe’s.

So anyway, I went online and looked at the tutorial. The pictures were great and the idea seemed pretty straightforward. How hard can this be?

So I says to myself,

I don’t really need to read through her directions.

First mistake.

I gathered what I needed. Owls – check. Magnets – check. Glue – check. For the glue, she used E-6000 (no clue what that is) and Elmer’s CraftBond Glue Spots (didn’t have that), so I just used the super glue we had on hand.


I have a weakness for red things, so I decided I would start with the red owl. I glued the first little magnet on the back. So far so good. I was feeling pretty pleased with this fast little craft project.

Now enter the part where reading the instructions would have proved helpful.

I put a dot of super glue on the opposite corner and placed the second magnet down.


The magnets where stuck together.

Yes, the part where she wrote –

…you will want to place one magnet on and then let it dry before adding a second magnet…

– should have read that. Key info.

I guess I expected the super glue to be a little more… super.

So anyway, no major harm. I just picked up the magnets, since the first one hadn’t dried and pried them apart. I popped the first magnet down again on its glue spot. Then for some strange reason, I placed a napkin on top of the magnet, thinking this flimsy cover would shield the magnetic force and allow me to put the second magnet on its glue spot again. Haahahahahhahah….



You guessed it, now I had a magnet and napkin sandwich. With glue for butter. In the process of unsuccessfully trying to separate the sandwich, I got napkin glued to my finger.


I peeled that off, and carefully separated a couple of fingers that had gotten stuck together.

Now on to the magnets. I grabbed a little knife thing-y to separate them. Then this happened.


As I was dousing my finger and the knife in canola oil, here is what Norah looked like at this point in my simple craft project.


 And you teach me about common sense?!?!?!

Interesting fact: Super glue only dries quickly on fingers and any objects fingers come in contact. Super glue does not dry quickly when applied to the object/objects you actually are attempting to glue.

This is the point when I went back to the computer and checked the instructions.

Oh, drying time! Huh! What do you know about that.

So I started over with new magnets, since there was no way I was going to be able to break apart this magnet, napkin super glue sandwich.


Please excuse the nail polish. Norah gave me a manicure the other day, and since I buy the really cheap nail polish…well, you can see what happens. Plus, my nails look as though they could use some general TLC.

So anyway, this time I let the first magnet dry.


Then I put two, count ’em, two pieces of tape over it. I wasn’t going to let the power of magnets get the best of me this time. After I glued the second magnet, I taped that puppy down too.


And look at that – two magnets glued in place!

magnets affixed

And finally, the finished product.

finished owl

I don’t have cute pins like she does. And I will only be making one of these!

So what have I learned?

Always, always, always read directions, despite the seemingly simplistic nature of the project.

On the upside, when I washed my face that night, I got an extra bonus. Exfoliation! Courtesy of my super glue-crusted finger tips.


3 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Power of Magnets and Super Glue

  1. I am guffawing over here. Is that even a word? Well, that is what I am doing. Hey, at least you actually DO Pinterest stuff, instead of pinning with no probable outcome like I do. 🙂

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