Olfactory Offenders

We have been enjoying this glorious spring weather…


…and these beautiful blossoming trees.

They are all over in our neighborhood.


I think they are flowering pear trees, but whatever they are called, I’m glad the city planted them because I look forward each spring to seeing their dainty little flowers.


Funny thing though – they really stink!


While the kids and I were enjoying a jacket-free walk yesterday, and taking in all of the blossoming spring splendor, we noticed there was a really weird, stinky smell in the air. It was pretty breezy out, and Norah and I had some theories, but it wasn’t until we arrived back home that I realized the origin of the stench.


Norah had picked a few short end branches (shhh….), and before I put them in a glass of water, I thought I would take a whiff. What I expected was a flowery perfume scent, what I got was an odd, unpleasant odor.


Strange, uh?

So now we just look. We don’t inhale.

What’s your favorite spring flower? Stinky or not.


2 thoughts on “Olfactory Offenders

  1. When I helped at the greenhouse with John, I loved the Floxgloves. But the one that reminds me of my home the most are lilacs! πŸ™‚ We used to have bushes and bushes that grew by our house growing up

  2. They actually might be Black Locust trees, “Mrs. H”. I know flowering pear smells good as far as I know, but black locust trees look like the above when they flower and they STINK! πŸ˜› Haha.
    I love daffodils in the springtime. Lilacs are favorite of mine as well, because they are so pretty and smell delicioso.

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