Happy Birthday, GG!

On Saturday, my gramma turned 97!


That called for a party! So my mom and Ron hosted an ice cream party for her. My siblings, along with their spouses and children, gathered to celebrate her birthday.

We are so thankful for the remarkably good health the Lord has given Gramma. She has knitted countless mittens for family and friends, along with sewing baby bibs, baby quilts and Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Lately, she’s been keeping busy knitting dish cloths.

With each passing year, her heart longs a little more for heaven. She misses Grampa who passed away over 40 years ago, and two of her children, my dad and my Aunt Margaret. Gramma is so very special to us. Along with many many friends, she has 4 remaining children, 33 grandchildren, 82 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren (with more on the way!) who love her dearly.

Happy Birthday, GG!

We love you!

*Edit* I forgot to relate this when I initially posted.

Last Friday, when my kids were outside playing with the neighbor kids, one of the little girls came up to me and asked me about the birthday party Norah had told her we were going to on Saturday. I told her we sure were going to a birthday party, that it was for Norah’s great-gramma, and that she was going to be 97. This was her response:

Wow!  97!  That’s really old!  Is she still alive?!?!?!

Kids are the best!


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