Norah beat me to the kitchen this morning.


This is what she told me as I walked into the room –

I sorry, Mom, to tell you this, but I trying to get Geegot some breakfast. I not do a very good job.

After I recovered from the horror of what could have happened, I told her it was okay, and maybe next time to wait for me. We also had a refresher course in knife safety – DO NOT TOUCH THEM!

As Norah’s breakfast prep had compromised the toast option, I whipped up some mini banana chocolate chip muffins. It seemed a good choice as I had some bananas rapidly going to the dark side.


The kids always gobble up these muffins.


I’ll share the recipe sometime.

Mr. H is off today (Hallelujah!) after working 7 days straight. So after breakfast, we headed to a nearby park to have some family fun out in the beautiful weather.

When we arrived home, we ate some lunch. Then Mr. H headed out to his workshop in the garage, Garrett to his bed for a nap, and Norah outside for some scootering.

Mid-afternoon, the big yellow school bus brought home neighbor kids for playmates.

For supper, Mr. H, fond of grilling, grilled some chicken. It was super-delicious.

Then after supper, a final playtime with the neighbor kids.

The day was finished off with a big chocolate chip cookie.


Life is good.

By the way, a very late Happy Mother’s Day. Hope it was a happy one. Mine was. My kiddos gave me these gifts from their Sunday School classes.

And a shout-out to my mom –

Mom, thanks for who you are, and for all you have done and continue to do for me. I love you!

And a shout-out to my mother-in-law as well –

Thanks for raising such a terrific guy! I love you!


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