Memorial Day Weekend

We all have a tendency to forget. Okay, I’ll speak for myself – I have a tendency to forget! Sometimes, it’s really important things. Sometimes, not so important. And sometimes, the forgetting tends to fall into the taking-for-granted category. I’m a proud American, but sometimes I forget, or rather, take for granted my freedom. Because I was privileged to be born into freedom, I don’t cherish it as I should. My freedom was paid for in blood. I need to remember that, so I am grateful that this nation still sets aside a day to remember the brave men and women who gave their lives to keep our great country safe and free. We owe them, along with their families, a debt of gratitude.

For our Memorial Day weekend, we spent part of it at Mr. H’s parents’ house for the family reunion. Once I get all of the pictures sorted out, I will post about the fun family event. On Sunday, we were blessed by our church’s meaningful Memorial Day service. The choir sang through the different theme songs of the various military branches, and the men and women who served stood when their song was played. I appreciate that our church recognizes them each year.

Sunday afternoon, after Mr. H had to head into work, the kids and I attended an open house at my brother Craig and his wife Kelly’s home. They were celebrating their daughter Sasha’s graduation from law school. We are very proud of her – that was a lot of work! It was quite the party. And the food! Oh, the food! I wish I would have snapped a picture of it before I gobbled it down. My brother is quite the meat master.

Congratulations, Sasha! We love you!

This morning, Mr. H worked a parade. I had wanted to take the kids, but it was raining, and they are getting over colds. Maybe next year. For lunch, Mr. H grilled hamburgers for us. So good. Mr. H said he knew my mouth was big, but didn’t know if I could handle the burger I had assembled.

I was able to handle it. 🙂

After we ate, Mr. H sat Norah down on his lap and explained, in 4 year-old terms, the meaning of Memorial Day. Norah had a few interesting thoughts on the subject, as she usually does on any topic, but I think she understood it the best she could.

Unfortunately, Mr. H had to work today, so the kids and I had to go without him to our family get-together at my sister Kristen and her husband Nathan’s house. We enjoyed some very tasty victuals. Good times. I was going to take a picture of my plate full of delicious food, but opted not to since I already shared a picture of my lunch. The shame of my day’s food consumption proved too great.

Hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend, and that you had some time to reflect on our country’s heroes who died keeping us free.


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