Not Your Childhood Sprinkler

Today we went to the splash pad for the first time this year.

DSC_0098Actually, we were headed to the playground park, but with the heat and the recollection that the parks department had turned on the water in the splash pad this past weekend, our plans changed.

DSC_0105So back home we ran to change the kiddos into their swimwear. If you have never been to a splash pad before, just think backyard sprinkler on steroids.

DSC_0110My fond childhood memories of running through the backyard sprinkler come back to me as I watch the kids make their own memories in the cold water spray. So sometimes (if it’s just us there, and it’s really hot), I join in on the kids’ fun. At the very least, I stand in one of the icy pools of water.

My kids love the splash pad, and Norah, especially, is very courageous standing in the gushing water.

DSC_0128We enjoy the added perk that this watery spot is almost literally in our backyard. Plus, it saves on our water bill!

With school still in session, we had the splash pad to ourselves this morning, but we will be frequenting it all summer, along with the rest of the neighborhood.


What did you do as a child to cool off from the heat?


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