Fresh Strawberry Pie

Strawberry season is upon us! Last week, the kids and I picked up 16 quarts of these beauties.


Despite the bellyache I got while freezing them (one for the freezer, one for me, two for the freezer, two for me…), I still had strawberry pie on my mind. I saved a few quarts back, and checked with Mr. H to see if strawberry pie would be an acceptable birthday dessert for him. Thankfully, he agreed. And although I would always go for chocolate cake over pie, I do have a weakness for this strawberry pie recipe from my mom. Plus, it was his birthday, and he likes pie best. I’m thoughtful like that.

So to this wonderful pie…The “Fresh” in Fresh Strawberry Pie  makes me think a little of the “Fresh” in Fresh Eggs. Whenever I drive by a farm and see that word before eggs on their sign, I always think,

Oh, no, fresh eggs are not what I’m looking for. No, I’m looking for old rotten eggs. Just give me the ones that have been sitting around in the hen house for weeks.

Of course I want fresh eggs! “Fresh” before eggs is just redundant and ridiculous. So here I go, using “fresh” in the recipe title, and whether logical or illogical, here’s my reasoning – I don’t mean that the strawberries are “fresh” in the sense that they are not rotten or shriveled (Thank you, Captain Obvious), but rather they are not  baked or cooked. Thus, fresh strawberry taste.

Actually come to think of it, maybe that “fresh” egg thing isn’t so bogus then. By my definition, they are correct, because the farmers aren’t selling scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs or sunny-side up eggs. But I hardly imagine that’s what they mean by “fresh.” So I still think I’m right.

And ironically enough, did you notice the word on the box of strawberries in the photo above?

Sometimes, Mr. H will tell me I’m crazy. I don’t know why he says to me.


Here’s that fresh  pie recipe…

Fresh Strawberry Pie  /  The Wonderfully Ordinary Life of Mrs. H and Her Family

Fresh Strawberry Pie

  • 1 c. granulated sugar
  • 2 Tblsp. cornstarch
  • 2 c. water
  • 1 quart, plus a little extra strawberries
  • 1 small pkg. strawberry jello (3 oz. size)
  • 1 pre-baked pie crust

Pie Crust – click here for the recipe I use.

* Please note that this recipe makes one pie. But as you’ll see in the pictures below, I am doubling the recipe since I needed two of these fabulous pies. Just FYI.

* Also, this pie takes planning ahead since the jello mixture has to set-up, and then again once the pie is assembled. It is best started in the morning or finished early afternoon, and eaten the same day in the evening. Although, Mr. H and I had a piece for breakfast the next morning, and it was quite acceptable. 🙂

In a medium sauce pan, mix together the sugar and cornstarch. Add the water, stir and cook over medium high heat until thick. Remove from heat and stir in the package of jello. Put it in the fridge and check on it periodically. It will take several hours until it has thickened. I usually check on it every 20-30 minutes and give it a stir. You want it thick enough so it doesn’t slide off the strawberries and leave you with a bottom jello layer with naked berries on top. Not that I speak from experience. 🙂

Now blind-bake that pie crust.

DSC_1265 DSC_1259

And good luck with that, too. Blind-baking always comes out really good in my Longaberger pie plate, and not so good in my Pyrex pie plate – even though I do the exact same process for both. For some reason, my Longaberger pie plate has magical powers. I pricked the pie crust all over with a fork, used those ceramic beads for both pie crusts, baked them both at 425 degrees F for about 15 minutes and this is what happened. Non-magical Pyrex pie plate on the left (literally humble pie), magical Longaberger pie plate on the right.

I think it must have something to do with the ledge around the top on the Longaberger. I even talked to my mother-in-law about this, but she uses non-magical pie plates and her’s turn out fine. I think maybe she’s magical.

Okay, back to the jello mixture. If it looks like this…


…then it’s ready. Actually, maybe catch it before it gets like this. It was a bit too thick, but it worked.

Rinse and slice up the strawberries. You can also do this right before your jello mixture is ready.


Now add the strawberries to the jello.


Give them a good stir till all the berries are covered with the jello mixture. Then pour the berry mixture into the baked pie shell.

Fresh Strawberry Pie  /  The Wonderfully Ordinary Life of Mrs. H and Her Family

Store it in the fridge until it’s time to devour it. I like mine with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Fresh Strawberry Pie  /  The Wonderfully Ordinary Life of Mrs. H and Her Family

Sorry the lighting isn’t so great. I was at my mom’s for Mr. H’s b-day dessert time (notice I did not say “party”) and haven’t been able to figure out the lighting with my new camera at her house. Anyway, in any light, or no light, the pie is absolutely delicious.


One thought on “Fresh Strawberry Pie

  1. You’re so funny! I loooove this recipe! As soon as you went out the door last week, Marj, Emily, Bob and I totally demolished what was left over,haha. Soooo good! I have always loved fruit pies more than cream pies, but this one really takes the cake…er pie.
    It would have taken some will power and unselfishness to share this awesome recipe. Btw, your pics are looking better and better with that new camera!

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