Meal Planning and Chicken Gyros


Sorry for yelling. I’m just that  excited. I cannot believe I really did it!

I made a meals schedule!

Okay, so maybe it was only a week and a half I planned out. But it still counts.

And now you also know how truly small my life is, if I am so excited about a meal schedule. But know this, my life has been revolutionized. I am a planner in every other area of my life, and *cough* others’ lives, so it’s really strange that I have never sat my rear end down and made a meal schedule. Well, now I’ve finally done it, and let me just say, it is freeing. And much better than my typical midnight thought of… What are we going to eat tomorrow?

I’m really loving this new life I’ve found. I had a grocery list that actually had meaning this time. I know I spent less time in the store, and I probably spent less money.

And I’m trying new recipes. It’s going really well, except for the beef and broccoli over rice meal I planned. When Mr. H found out that broccoli and rice were impending, he vetoed the meal by taking us out to eat. I love to eat out, since we don’t very often. So, Mr. H, I guess it looks like we both won.

Today, we had this for lunch. Chicken Gyros


They were really good and easy.

Among many others, I follow The Girl Who Ate Everything  blog, so when this recipe popped into my inbox, I pinned it. You can find her Chicken Gyros post here.

If you want the recipe, please go to the above link. I’m not posting the recipe here, because I basically followed her recipe. The only thing I did differently is swap the onions for romaine lettuce. I also used nonfat Greek yogurt. My taste buds wanted whole milk, but my hips needed nonfat. I sauteed my chicken in a pan with a little olive oil.

This girl-who-ate-everything must have some power over pitas that I don’t have, because for the life of me, I couldn’t get ours not to crack – I even heated them up. Maybe though, it was because she made hers, all Martha Stewart-ish, and I Sandra Lee-ishly bought a bag of old toughies at the grocery. They were still good though. Did you notice the cheater toothpick in the first photo? Yeah, had trouble with it staying rolled up too.

Well, time will tell if I can keep up this meal planning thing, but I hope to report on more good recipes and good success in the future. And I’m hoping to eventually work my way up to planning a whole month at a time. Maybe you all can keep me accountable.

By the way, thanks for not keeping me accountable on the exercise regiment I had planned. If you’ve seen me recently, you know how that’s been going.


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