When Norah Thinks Pink Isn’t So Great

Poor Norah. Yesterday afternoon she developed a fever, sore throat and a yucky eye. I usually don’t run to the doctor at a drop of a hat, but the eye issue bothered me. So after a quick trip to the walk-in clinic, the doctor told us it was acute conjunctivitis. Or pink eye. Don’t know why she didn’t just say that. I guess it didn’t sound fancy enough. Anyway, she prescribed eye drops – 2 drops, three times a day for a week. Yeah, that’s been a truck-load of fun.

There’s been a lot of – Let’s wash your hands. Please don’t touch your eye. Let’s go wash your hands. Don’t touch your other eye. Go wash your hands. Don’t touch your brother’s face. Go wash those hands. Please don’t touch my face. Hands – wash!

I made her a “Get Well” card as she is always drawing us sweet cards when we stub our toe or have a cold. She loves rainbows, so I colored her a rainbow using the appropriate ROYGBIV order. I gave it to her as she lay on the couch.

Oh, Mommy! I don’t know what to say. I just love it!

I was feeling pretty good.

That is until later that night when she was feeling a little better. She looked at the card hanging near her bed and, with her little arm around my neck, spoke in a sweet and maternal voice.

Mommy, you just have to do your best. I think you are the best draw-er, even if you aren’t very good at it.


Well, at least I did my best.

She felt better this morning, but by late afternoon, she felt sick again. Fever and sore throat back, or sore neck as she calls it. So we tried a smoothie, but that wasn’t helping, so we went with hot chocolate. When I checked on her, this is what she was doing.


I guess she was trying both hot and cold treatments simultaneously.

So how do you soothe your sore throat?

And by the way, do your eyes feel funny? Mine did as soon as I heard the diagnosis. Ah, the power of suggestion.


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