Kindergarten – Here We Come!

It’s official! Mr. H and I have a kindergartener. Where have the years gone? *wiping a tear from my eye*

Norah Kindergarten

She’s a pretty cute little kindergartener, if I do say so myself. And I know I’m a little selfish here, but I’m so glad we’re homeschooling her, because I couldn’t bear the thought of watching her get on a big school bus. You other moms who send your kindergartners to public or private school are much braver and tougher than I!

Today was her first day. I know I’m a weird Mom to start school on Labor Day, but, hey, you have to start sometime. Mr. H worked today, so I figured since it was a Monday, holiday or not, it was a good day to begin. Norah was super-excited about starting kindergarten, so we tried to do a few extra things to make it special. I let her pick out a backpack – not that she really needed one, but I knew she would love to have one. I had to gag a little though when she selected the My Little Pony backpack. How about this cute owl one or maybe the pink and purple one – your favorite colors? No, it had to be the My Little Pony. Last fall, I was also gagging when I plopped a pair of obnoxious light-up Disney Princess tennis shoes in the cart. I’m just not so much for character-themed children’s items, but as my mom reminds me…

Remember those black Nike hi-top tennis shoes you just had to have as a teen, and Dad and I bought them for you, and you thought you were so cool when you wore them with your jean skirt?

Yes, thank you, Mom, for bringing up that painful memory and for allowing me to wear those. And for anyone that knew me back then, I know now, I was not cool. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I’m sorry you had to witness that.

So anyway, I guess I’m adopting my mom’s view – if it’s not bad and it’s not harmful, just say yes.

Okay, back on kindergarten topic. This past Saturday, my mom and Ron were kind enough to bring over my old school desk for Norah to use. She felt like pretty big stuff sitting in the swiveling chair. Today Mr. H tied to the desk seat a cute princess balloon he had bought for her. Now she felt like even bigger stuff. We kept it short and simple with the school work today – a little math, a little reading, a little spelling, a board game, cooking class (cupcakes), and a recess time playing with her neighbor friend Gemyah.

It was a good first day.


2 thoughts on “Kindergarten – Here We Come!

  1. Emily and Grace start in the morning. And I am not braver and tougher than you are….wiping tears from my eyes, too!! 🙂 I am sure they will adjust better than I will. 🙂

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