Well, hello there, Stranger!

So I didn’t die. And I wasn’t incarcerated. Nor was I placed in the witness protection program. I just haven’t blogged…for awhile.

I’ll spare you all my reasons and excuses. But I’m back. And I’ll show up every once in awhile.

So here’s a quick catch-up…

Before school started, we went to the beach.

And picked some blueberries.

Then we took Garrett to an outdoor Steam Train Museum. He was totally in his element. We went with my sister Jody, her husband Mike and their children Gabby and Toby – a fellow train enthusiast.

We also went to a local county fair. Garrett liked the animals. Norah liked the rides. We all liked the food.

On October 10th Norah turned 5! I kind of expected her to turn 10…or 13, but 5 is still too old for me. She had a great birthday. On the actual day, we celebrated with donuts for breakfast and Chick-Fil-A for lunch. A couple days later, when Mr. H had an evening off, we had GG, Grandparents and aunts Marjorie and Emily over for a party.

We have been enjoying fall.

By the way, sorry for the picture-overload. We did more things, and I took a lot more pictures…but I decided to spare you. You’re welcome.

And now here we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving. And let’s just focus on that…Thanksgiving. Because Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, Retailers!!!! Just because it has snowed, and is currently, doesn’t mean you can just gloss over the gratitude holiday and skip ahead to the greedy holiday. It’s kind of sad that for over a month now, I’ve had to tell Norah that, “No, you cannot have a box of candy canes, because it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” It really does feel like we’ve totally skipped over that holiday. That is, except if you’re on Pinterest, then it’s definitely not hard to tell which holiday is approaching. Thank you for that, People of Pinterest.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on stores opening on Thanksgiving evening for Black Friday.

Black FridayWell, America, way to go. Don’t even wait a day to let the turkey digest.

Anywhoo, hope you all have enjoyed the fall season so far.


2 thoughts on “Well, hello there, Stranger!

  1. I loooooove this blog post!!! And the more pics the better!!! I love seeing you guys and the fun things you do together!! ❤ Absolutely loooove the pics (I know I already said that) and you have a great eye for a good pic 🙂

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